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⎮ History  We will make greater Dr.inb with our challenge and passion.

  • Feb. Established Dr.inb.
  • July. Attracted investment in development of cosmetics using PDT core raw materials and LED mask
  • Aug. Completed the development of cosmetics using PDT core raw materials and MOISWISH LED technology
  • May.KEPCO Preliminary Startup Program
  • Aug. Established Dr Lab Co., Ltd.
  • Nov. Development of animal laser complex laser irradiator (PDT-Laser-100)
  • Additional clinical trials related to mammary tumor and atopic skin secondary inflammation on animal
  • Completed the development of ODM for PDT treatment laser irradiator (PDToA-153) (2016.10)
  • Medical device class 3 safety / performance (IEC-60601) test certification completed (2016.11.24)
  • Clinical Treatment at Hawk Animal Hospital, Department of Veterinary Medicine, Jeju National University (Validation of PDT treatment effect)
  • Research and development of PDT laser irradiator for animal treatment

2011 - 2013

  • Treatment effect of refractory otitis externa / mammary tumor of dog using PDT

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