⎮ PDT Disease Therapeutic Scope (Veterinary PDT Therapeutic Area)

  • Cancer (Skin Cancer, Solid Cancer, Oral Cancer, Prostate Cancer)
100mW - 350mW
  • Dental disease (oral transmission lesion)
50mW - 100mW
  • Skin diseases (superbacteria, dermatosis, viruses)
100mW - 300mW
  • Ear inflammation (otitis, otitis, otitis media)
100mW - 300mW
  • Arthritis, rhinitis, anal disease, eye disease, inflammation
100mW - 200mW

⎮ Benefits of Photodynamic Therapy

Existing treatmentPhotodynamic therapy
Refractory tumor
treatment method
(otitis externa)
1. Check your symptoms1. Check your symptoms
2. Disinfection of lesions2. Disinfection of lesions
3. Antibiotic application3. Photosensitizer application
4. Antibiotic injection or surgery4. Laser on the lesion
5. Applying ointment and applying ointment after returning home5. No action required
Therapeutic effect

Less likely to cure

Can damage normal cells

Long time to cure

Difficult to pinpoint the cause of the disease

Selective treatment only for lesions

Immune system

Improved wool, wrinkles and skin texture

Low recurrence rate

Equal effect on various bacteria

Quick Therapeutic effect

⎮ Benefits of Photodynamic Therapy

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