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Animals and humans work together to study healthy and happy lives and create value for customers with the best products that are faithful to the basics.

"One day the world will look upon research upon animal as it now looks upon research on human being."

- Leonardo Da Vinci -

⎮ Dr.inb Mission

⎮ Dr.inb Vision

Development of IT / BIO convergence technology 

for the treatment of tumors, refractory inflammation, 

and cosmetics

Transparent management

that can satisfy both customers, investors and workers

⎮ Dr.inb Core Value

Trust between 

customers, members

 and partners

Best Bio-technology 

in animal care

Sympathize with 

the pain of patients 

and the mind of the therapist

We study the healthy and happy lives of animals and humans and 

Create customer value with the best products that are true to the basics.

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